It’s all about the participant.

Many programs fail because they aren’t meaningful or relevant to their intended audience. And if audience members aren’t excited or engaged, it’s a direct reflection on your brand.

Maritz Reward Studio understands how important your audience is to you. That’s why our Rewards Story puts your people at the center of everything we do – creating a positive interaction and overall experience with your brand. One of the best ways to spark positive emotions in your members is by offering an innovative reward collection – because…

if they feel good about their reward,
they’ll feel good about your brand.

We use analytics and insights upfront to inform the design of the reward collection. Through our relationship with The Maritz Institute – a network of thought leaders advancing human science in business – we have developed a deep understanding of the brain’s role in human nature, behavior and emotions. We apply this research and insight in exclusive ways to six core elements essential to designing solutions that optimize results by connecting with people both emotionally and rationally.

We offer meaningful, memorable and motivating rewards – and not just good, but better and best brands across a variety of price points. Plus, we monitor redemption throughout to continually update and revise the collection to ensure your rewards are the most appealing and sought-after items on your members’ personal wish list. In addition, ongoing communication and promotions help us maximize engagement in your reward program.

We use our websites to get people’s attention and spark those positive emotions. Plus, our long-standing supplier relationships ensure our merchandising calendars are in-sync with product launches and national advertising campaigns, meaning your members enjoy having access to the hottest and trendiest items the day they hit retail.

This is critical to the success of your business.